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uhh..bestfriend?wuts dat?

Lets talk about friendship today.
I have a called bestfriend.ok..we've been into highschool together..skip classes together..sneaked out to party and went into the same university..what's that? "close friend" is enough to determined our friendship?? no..its more than that..
We were staying in the same house and same room for almost 4 years in Uni. We spent like almost 95% of our time together. Not just 2 of us..but some other friends too..all the laugh and tears...hmm..enough said..

I missed her sooo much.....she went into a horrible situation last year..boyfriend other friends and I were beside her day and nights, she calls us whenever she likes to get a shoulder to cry on. I dedicated my whole life to listen to her, to give her advice and..I juz want to be there beside does my other friends.

But life is moving on..I got other friend also getting married..some of them are expecting a baby..we 'need' to be happy..of c…

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